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Show No.5 of The Weekly Noticias, hosted by me and broadcast on Weds 21st June 2017 on Radio Kanal Barcelona, with guests Xavier Castells, Chris Groves, Frida Palsson, Fred Fairbrass from Right Said FredJon Groves Viveka Nilsson.

In between alot of I’m-Too-Sexy banter between our Swedish Bond-girl and pop-icon guests, questions also come up about Emmanuel Macron, Mariano Rajoy, Helmut Kohl, David Davis, Michael Barnier, Brexit, Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Philip, Donald Trump, Cuba, Cristiano Ronaldo, Deeply Dippy lyrics, heatwaves, James Bond, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, how speaking French can cure a blinking disease, and how you say ‘a near miss doesn’t kill a hare’ in Swedish. Believe it or not, Xavi Castells also comes up with a sentence using all terms from the week’s new ‘Word Wheel’: heatwave, blink, delinquent, grotesque, tantrum, hare & tomorrow.