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This launch show was first broadcast on Weds 24th May 2017 on Radio Kanal Barcelona, with guests Xavier Castells, Chris Groves, Carrie Frais, Gemma Louise Poole, Jon Groves and Francis Wardley. With thanks to Viveka NilssonKatrina Logie & ‘People on the Grid’, – and to Alex and Lola at RKB.

In the show, questions came up about: Pedro Sanchez, Manuela Carmena, Real Madrid, Donald Trump, Bong Joon-Ho, Julian Assange, cruising, Jean-Claude Juncker, Barcelona airport, good deeds and Spanish vocabulary, Bob Dylan and Al Pacino, There’s also some great music from The Clash, Alle Farben & Graham Candy, and the 5th Dimension. Sit back, have a glass of wine, listen to it all and enjoy.